Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing with my Dad

My Dad and I went deep sea fishing at the tail end of summer in Canada at a place called Campbell River.  It was on his bucket list (don't get me started on those because this post will never end) and if it's not on yours add it now because it is quite the adventure!

My Dad and I set out to have a blast and catch a lot of fish, which is exactly what we did.  We caught 12 Pink Salmon (about 4 lbs each) that are currently begin smoked and canned.  We also each caught 1 Chinook Salmon.  Chinook Salmon have many names such as Nookie or Spring in Canada or King here in the states.  These are the big guys that you wait all trip for.  My Chinook was 14 lbs and my Dad's Chinook was 15 lbs.  Sliced up and frozen in my freezer right now.  Ready for eating. 

When we weren't fishing we played a ton of cars, consumed cold beverages, toured a neighboring island, and rode mopeds.

For lodging we stayed at the Painter's Lodge (top left below) and we fished with the Oak Bay Marine Group (bottom left below).

It got a little cold out on the water.  The picture below on the left is funny because my Dad has his hands in his jacket and my hands are too cold to fix my hair (I know, excuses, excuses).  And we are both typically pretty good at handling cold weather!

My Dad with his Chinook...

and here's mine!

Yaniv.  A Peruvian card game you must try. 

Here's our tour guide showing me how to hold a dungeness crab without any regrets.  I whimped out from holding the little sucker.  

Pretty much a perfect summer getaway :)


  1. It sounds like an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing all of your photos.

  2. these pictures are amazing hayles!! i want to go now and i hate fishing haha!

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