Saturday, July 16, 2011

Honey and Lemon Cheesecake Squares

Alright, so perhaps not the most appealing little dessert but quite delicious and easy.  I made these bite size cheesecake squares for the San Franciscan themed party last weekend.  The mission hipster outfit turned out great and the party was a blast.  

My client recently gave me eggs, honey, and wine from his property and I was able to use the eggs and the honey for this recipe.  Honey is the only sweetener in this recipe from  It's about the easiest cheesecake recipe I have ever made.  I liked how the filling was the same thickness as the crust, which is perfect for party finger food.  However, it lacked lemon flavor so next time I think I'll add more lemon zest.

On to my next mission:  DIY Light Box...  


  1. These look like the perfect summer snack! Can't wait to make them for my roommate! (She LOVES lemon!) Have a lovely week!

  2. YUM. Ill have to try this out. I love using fresh ingredients. I am envious of the ones you were able to use :)

  3. YUM! I've been trying to find GOOD - yet somewhat healthy - dessert recipes, and I think this one is a must-try! Just found your blog via your friend Niki's blog, and just like hers, I am loving yours!! I have book marked your blog already :)

  4. You mentioned above- "Honey is the only sweetener in this recipe" which actually is not true. The recipe requires sugar as well:)

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