Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New York City

My college cross-country girlfriends and I met up in NYC (Ali in the blue lives in Brooklyn) for a long weekend!  I thought I would share a couple pictures from the entertainment packed long weekend...

In the picture above we were at a NY Yankees game against the Cleveland Indians.   The seats were fantastic and the padded chairs (yes padded) said the following:  Be alert for bats and/or balls - we were that close!

For one of our meals went to Eataly owned by Mario Batali and other partners.  It's a market, restaurant, deli, bakery, cafe, gelato, and more!

We decided to eat in the pasta/pizza portion of Eataly and loved the atmosphere and the food.

Beer in a wine glass: classy

Shaved asparagus with cheese and olive oil

 Margherita Pizza

Focaccio bread triangles topped with arugula, tomatoes, and cheese

We also went for a run in Central Park, which has always been on my bucket list.  Only 1,999 items to go...

After our run we ate HUGE pastrami sandwiches from Stage Deli.  Delicious and filling.

After our sandos we saw the Broadway Musical: Memphis.  The musical was amazing and I highly recommend seeing the show!

We also went to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit.  The exhibit's layout was imaginative and created a timeline of how ideas/influences affected Alexander McQueen's work.  Even though I am not a fashion guru, I still loved and appreciated the exhibit.

The Met's cool new ticket idea.

I hope you are having a great week!  Lets see if I can conjure up a recipe before the week's end...


  1. Great pictures... the food looks very yummy and that picture of the Yankee's game looks amazing! Perfect shot.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I love every change I get togo to NYC. I think I might still have my little Met tag/pin thing.

  3. I love Stage Deli! My mom's been taking me there since I was little- next time you have to get the Mish Mash soup!
    It was great seeing you this weekend!

  4. Going to NYC this coming week. Eataly was on my list of places to try, and after reading this post, I'm going for sure! :) YUM!

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